Saturday, May 2, 2009

The First Pose

Colors, you have to love them, the bring alot out of an outfit and show just what is on your mind. Today we are learning two pretty colors. Green and Pink. Together they are amazing. 
Above is the muse child of these two colors, it really started with Emery and thier plum (AKA pink) coloried jeans. I topped it with a fun green and "plum" top also from emery called New Fun 2 V. 

It wouldn't be a pink and green outfit with out pink and green shoes. Luckly there is Pornstar brand high hightop. These are amazing and if you don't have then you must ask yourself way.

Now with the shoes and the outfit down I went to A.C Store for cute little things to make this outfit really one of a kind. The belt is from one of thier valentines outfits So if you don't have it you can't get it. However any belt would do. The scarf is a nice little thing from A.C as well. Look at the cute bear :D

To finish the look we once more go to A.C Stores for the hair. The style is called KlaaR and it's amazing. 

And because I am nice I found all the SLURL so you can go shop. The skin is from Abyss. You should already have a landmark 

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