Saturday, June 6, 2009


I got board one day and I vistited an old store which I loved House of Munster, it is a pretty cool hair store with cool edgy rocker stuff, mostly for girls but you can make some of their hair unisex liked bellow, the hair I got was amazing, I nice mohawk which begged to be used in a rocker way. This is what I got

Roar! Sometimes you look hot as a rocker.

To get this look you need:
Hair *HoM* Chelsea 2 - *Black & White*
Eyes Expressive eyes gray by Nany Merlin
Skin !SIGZ: OCEAN (Mocha) Eyeliner
Shape - I made it hahahahahahaha

Shirt .:Hermony:. - NY <3>
Shoes PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2
Gloves .:Addict:. holed fishnet armlets
Bandana Ko: American Flag Bandana

Piercings .:A&M:. Shut up! Piercing - Key
Nose BooBoo Maus Bandaid Nose
Tattoo AITUI TATTOO - Battle Armor /worn/ I

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