Saturday, September 5, 2009


I read the Hybrid Challenge blog and thought to myself. Hmm I can do this. So I added some love to my normal shape and this is what I came up with

Skin: OCEAN (BEACH TAN) Soulpatch
Eyes: Expressive Eyesgray by Nany Merlin
Hair: >Truth Hair<>light browns<

Shirt: ~Momo~Yummy Tee Blue
Pants: Emery - Pant R.F. #Black

Socks: Thimbles - Hearts Stockings
Gloves: aC STD.Holliday Out fit Gloves
Boots: [0N] Wo Boots

Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO - Cover Music - Altar V.1
Donut: [PF] Happy Donut
Donut chain: Canimal - Eat Donuts

Not bad right. It got me thinking of doing a sexy deadly sin series. The other six will follow soon


  1. still cute as anythingggg *hugs your chubbiness*

    i didnt know you had a blog till now D:
    i may not be a boy but i shall be adding yoou to my blogroll ^^

  2. hehe YAY and you are added to mine

  3. awesome! You are the first one to do a male shape! hi5! The doughnut is perfect. lol