Sunday, October 11, 2009

EXODI Skin Hunt

This blog is going to be a wee bit different from my other ones. But the topic is a we bit different then anything I blogged about. Today blog deals with a very creative skin maker named Ryker Beck and her store's Exodi amazing hunt she has set up for Halloween. Beck is know for her amazing female skins and for this hunt, she made some amazing male ones. She plans to make male skins for Exodi but she released different skins in this hunt as a teaser. They are simple amazing

The first I will talk about from this hunt is called "Death Becomes" It is a amazing gothic skin
with while eyeliner and darkened lips. The skin comes in three shades. Netural, Tan, and Dark Tan. The picture is bellow.

Above the skins show are in this order. Tan, Dark tan and Netural. The dark tan is my favorite. As you can tell the chest and the abs are quite detailed and yummy.

As well as the "Death Becomes" line, Exodi also has a very nice vampire skin. This come come with two make up options
The last three make skins are called "Sometimes, Dead is Better." Which is a really nice looking zombie skin. "Burn Victim" and "Doc Manhattan" which is based on the Watch Man Charactor.
To wrap it up if you have time to look for little prim candies that seem to pop up out of no where, Do it. In addition to the seven male skins there is also female skins and amazing eyes. You will not regret this. It's a wonderful hunt with amazing prizes and a really cool way to preview the new male skin that will soon be coming to Exodi

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