Thursday, January 14, 2010

Around The World: Japan!

Hello followers. Today we are taking a trip to Japan. Tokyo to be more specific. The streets of Tokyo is fill of many different fashion influence. A lot of them are colorful and bright.

Above we have my vision of what a young man would where on the streets of Tokyo keeping in theme with the bright colors. Mix match shoes make his stand out even more with his uneven stocking.

Skin: CheerNo.HOMMESkin Venus Asian
Eyes: Aitui - Mirage Eyes - Crystal Shores - Veins
Hair: CheerNo.HairDesing - TROYLEE [True syP]

Shirt: ::: B@R ::: Neon Grid - Rave Mix GreenOrange Jacket
Vest: ::: B@R ::: Neon Candy Wrap Blue Vest (moddied)
Shorts: Emery - Pant

Stockings: Ducknipple - Leggies - Blue
Gloves: Emery - Gloves #Grape
Mask:[N.W.] punk surgical mask
Shoes: PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2
Bracelet: BroGear - Keyboard Keys Bracelet

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