Friday, January 15, 2010

Around The World: Paris

Hello Followers today we are going to Paris! The city of love. When I think of Paris I can't help but to think of Mimes. I don't know why but every time someone says Paris I go. "Oh Mimes". it could be because in cartoons when ever they show a person from Paris they show a person in a black and white stripped shirt.

Other then Mimes, I also think of fashion. After all they say Paris is one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world. Tight Skinny black jeans, sexy dark sunglasses, a man bag and point dress shoes ad a touch of fashion to this look.

Skin: Ugly Duck - Gabriel (light brows)
Eyes: Aitui - Mirage Eyes - Crystal Shores - Veins (I know I know I didn't change my eyes!)
Hair: *ARGRACE* Hunting - Natural Wavy - Black

Shirt: CheernNo .Holliday Out fit Jacket
Pants: four.ARSENIC Regals -Onyx-

Mustache: *katat0nik* Duck Shoot Mustache
Glasses: CheeNo .Holliday Out fit [Eye Glasses]
Necklace: [MANDALA] Soul Necklace/MALE/Black -A-
Man Bag: null_Gainsbourg_bag

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