Friday, January 8, 2010

What's Your Fetish? Kitty Play... Mew :3

Today's fetish was requested by the ever so cute and creative Mochi Milena. I have asked for ideas for fetishes for this week and she brought up Kitten play. At first I was like, wait wouldn't that be neko. So I went ahead of looked it up. In a way Nekos and people are into Kitten play are one in the same. However Nekos are more like people with cat like habits. People who are into Kitten play become more like Cats.

The image above is my idea of what someone who is into Kitten play would dress like if they playied SL. The idea that popped in my head was a half naked cat person running round in a forest somewhere. I added a poor little faerie inside this cat's mouth because I have heard stories about cats killing something (Like a bird or a bug) and bring it inside the house and dropping it at their owners feet.

Eyes:pc eyes by LL - cat -moon forest
Hair: *HoM* Chelsea 2 - *Black & White*

Collar: The GL - Ripped Leash Choker - Black
Faerie: * *Evie's Closet* Oops! Munch Faery
Undies: Vitamen VinylBoy_Boxer_Thicken_FrostedCup

Stripes: **Hybrid** Stripe Tattoos
Hand paws: Black White Kitty Male (No store name was given with these o.<)
Leg paws: SN ~ Anthro Legs ~ Male Straight-Leg
Ears: [ATOMIC] Feline LH_Basic Set (not available at the time)


  1. the cats bring dead animal as presents to there owners it happens all the time for my family