Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's Your Fetish? Leather man

Hello followers! Today's fetish is one of my favorites: Leather. The fetish of Leather and Leather in general have been a big part of my life. Leather in the gay world has its own lingo.

Above we have a typical leather man look. Leather chaps, Tight jeans, leather harness, leather boots, leather armbands, leather gloves and even a leather cap. Add dark shaded glasses and a cigarette hanging from his lips tells you that this leather man is ready for.... anything.

Skin: TheAbyss [AC][ deep tan ][shaven][death][ hair][ shaven ]
Eyes::: Exodi :: Look Into My... Pastels (Pastel Blue)(Lg/V)
Pants: no.07 :: Jeans - Epta UW

Harness: AVid: Faust Harness
Arm bands: Xcite! ToKon Leather Bicep Cuff
Gloves: Roosters Gloves Type 3
Boots: #OC# TOP Dirty Guy Boots

Hat: Leather Trooper Cap <--- Not sure where this came from it was a freebie Cigarette: Primitive Design_cigarette - xx long ash
Glasses: Action UNISEX Knox Sunglasses - Black [Regular]


  1. awesome post. i stole your boots:

  2. Haha, That is what blogging is about. Showing the world of SL what is out there and stealing stuff :p