Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's Your Fetish? Pony Play

It is day two of "What's Your Fetish" week and today's fetish is Pony Play. I do not know the real term for pony play but is is basically how it sounds. A party, most likely a sub, gets sexual pleasure from behaving and acting like a pony. Pony play is big in the BDSM world of secondlife. In fact almost all slave collars in Sl include a pony AO and animations. Bellow is the look to go along with the fetish. I mixed it up a bit and added my own touch.

You see, I am not into horses but I find Unicorns dead sexy. And since a unicorn is part horse it counts as a pony....

Skin: &Bean - Closer Pale Nude
Hair: <DK> [Whites] Uruha

Unicorn horn and ears: .:-CatniP-:. Silver Unicorn Ears and Horn
Tail (yes there was a tail it just didn't show up on the pictures SN ~ Animated Fluffy Anthro Tail (Alc v3.0)
Wings:[europa] Archon wings

Collar:~Scribble~ Proper Posture Collar Pearl (DU3 Exclusive) <-- I don't has a LM :c
Hoof Boots: .:-CatniP-:. Slum Hoofers ~ Silver
Front fur: SN ~ Male Anthro Lower Body Fur (Alc v3.0) ~ Style 1
blindfold/gag: Dari's Haus - Colorable Locking Blindfold-Gag v1.2

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  1. One of my early friends in SL was huge in ponyplay. She looked pretty cute in her outfit, I have to admit, and the thing she had around her (exposed) breasts looked nice too. The ranch she pplayed on made all sorts of races and parcours. She invited me to try one parcour myself - as a human - and it was quite hard. While the whole thing has a certain visual appeal - and definitely a comical aspect - it is not much of a turn-on for me.