Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Your Fetish? Sissy Boy

Day three of "What's your fetish?" week and todays fetish is Sissy Boy. Now I have not heard of this fetish or know how big it was until real life people started favoring my work on Flickr. I wonder why this was until I looked at their profiles and saw that most of them were into me dressing up like girls. Now how this fetish differs from cross dressing is that the men dress is giant puffy dresses almost like ones pageant kids would wear. It has it's own lingo. For example, woman who are also into this "Sissy boy" fetish are sometimes giving the name Mommy. Upon doing research on this fetish I came across may comics and cartoons, here is the look of the day based on what I have learned.

Out of all the fetish this week that will be blogged, this one was the most interesting to me. I have always know that some men got off by dressing like a woman but I would have never thought it could go this far. The outfit above is based on may of the pictures I have seen where the "sissy" would be wearing big puffy dresses and stocking. I added sneakers to the mix. One because I love these sneakers and two, because I could not find high heels that fit Gabe's big feet.

Skin: *Zanzo* Narcissus ~ Athens (Freckles + Lt. Eyeliner)
Hair: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Kissy Kissy - Brownie
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Look Into My (Grey)(Sm/V)

Blouse: ::: B@R ::: Flone
Skirt: ::: B@R ::: White Merry

Neck bow: ::: B@R ::: White Merry
Bonnet:::: B@R ::: Flone
Stockings: ::: B@R ::: Angel Chick
Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops


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